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2020 was a bad year for everyone and I’m sure you don’t want to hear more whinging and whining about a year that’s been and gone. All we will say is, we hope that as you sit here reading this, you and your loved ones are all safe and well looking forwards not backwards!


We have gone back to our roots, in light of the fact that events and mass gatherings have been shut since March 2020 and show no signs of comeback any time soon. We have over 25 years experience manufacturing signs, graphics and all types of displays for trade and retail, so we figured it made sense to get our minds & machinery working in that direction again.

Although things have been exceptionally quiet we have managed to generate some orders over the last 6 months for various screening projects using our own aluminium extrusions and incorporating acrylics with graphics into these designs. This has led us to create some new standard products, most of which are on the shelf, as well as giving us ideas for new products that will soon also be available from stock.

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Kickstart will run alongside Exhibition Equipment and we hope will build momentum throughout 2021, so please follow us on Instagram @kickstart_signs to see all the great things that we are doing.