Ceramic Reconstructions Ltd

After having being involved with an exhibition almost every year since 1974 I have seen it all. I know exactly how stressful it can be and how expensive in time and money exhibitions are. The build-up before the big day, crawling around on the stand, wondering why the services are still not in so we can fit our equipment. There is enough to worry about hoping that all the work we have put in prior to the show will bring new business to the stand without having to chase the people who we have supposedly employed to sort all this out.

That is exactly why we use Exhibition Equipment every year. These guys have so much experience that we can rely on them to come up with great designs for our stand and then carry on to build it on site for us. Year after year we know that all we need worry about is what we wear on the day and not to stay in the bar too long at night.

Great job!

Mike Bosworth, Managing Director